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If you’re already a fan of the fresh, fantastic burritos, bowls, tacos, and more at Willy’s Mexicana Grill, it’s time to take your food adventure to the next level with a trip to Howlin’ Willy’s.

While the original Willy’s locations in and around Atlanta focus primarily on the Cali-fresh burrito experience, Howlin’ Willy’s offers a twist on the Nashville hot chicken craze with outstanding results.

Due to the incredible popularity of super crispy fried chicken tenders and sammies, not to mention a heat scale ranging from “Not Hot” to “Howlin’,” Howlin’ Willy’s is opening a third location, making it easier than ever to get your hot chicken fix.

A Howlin’ History

Since 1995, Willy’s Mexicana Grill has proudly served Atlanta residents, providing the fresh flavors and savory appeal of California’s renowned burrito scene. With dozens of locations in and around A-Town, your next Baja Burrito or Quinoa Adobe Bowl is always close at hand.

However, founder Willy Bitter wasn’t content to rest on his laurels. Always on the lookout for an exciting food trend, he was naturally drawn to the Nashville hot chicken taking the nation by storm. With an extensive knowledge of peppers and a mind ablaze with menu ideas, he branched out into hot chicken by launching Howlin’ Willy’s.

Howlin’ Willy’s Explores New Frontiers

Howlin’ Willy’s builds on traditional Nashville hot chicken by pairing expertly-fried chicken with four heat levels to please any palate. Whether you want tenders, wings, or a sandwich, you’ll choose from heat levels that include “Not Hot,” “Kinda’ Hot,” “Willy Hot,” and “Howlin’,” the last of which contains ghost peppers.

If your mouth is starting to water, you can currently head to Howlin’ Willy’s locations in Midtown or Hapeville to grab a spicy meal. As of March, you’ll also find a location in Druid Hills, adjoining the Willy’s Mexicana Grill that’s already there.

This dual store will serve both the burrito goodness and hot chicken madness of Willy’s Mexicana Grill and Howlin’ Willy’s menus, ensuring a truly memorable meal for everyone in your party.

When you’re on the prowl for fresh fare with outstanding flavor and plenty of variety, make sure to visit the new Howlin’ Willy’s location in Druid Hills when it opens in March.