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Welcome to Howlin' WIlly's Hot Chicken!

Bite into delicious hot chicken that contains an otherworldly combination of heat and flavor. At Howlin’ Willy’s, our deep fried, crispy, juicy chicken is coated in our unique blend of spices that brings the heat to the table. No need for cold feet here — we have levels of spice to customize to the needs of your taste buds (don’t worry, we won’t judge). Whether you keep it mild or turn it up a few degrees, our chicken will have you Howlin’! 

A classic made only the way Howlin’ can. Get your hands on our delicious sandwiches that showcase our crispy hot chicken between two toasted buns, with all the fixin’s that make flavor magic.

Choose your heat, pair ‘em with scrumptious sides and delectable dips and you’ve got somethin’ that will leave you and your crew howlin’ for more!

Want something a little lighter without sacrificing that delicious hot chicken taste? Try our salad for a perfect blend of crispy chicken and fresh veggies served with your favorite dressing!

Tacos. Ya know them, ya love them, and you’re about to love them even more. With 3 unique hot chicken taco combos, we’ve got your cravings covered.

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